Monday, May 2, 2011

Beer, Booze & BBQ in Brooklyn

My fiancee, our friend Liz and I decided to take a little trip down to Brooklyn for a little R&R on Sunday. Our goal was to hit up Spuyten Duyvil and Fette Sau on Metropolitan Ave in Williamsburg. 

The decor is so simple and so interesting. There are old chairs and tables in the windows in the front that are really cool to sit in. It makes you feel like you're on stage for the people walking by in this cool little neighborhood. 

Any bar that has a statue of Jesus on the bar with a tap coming out of his head is A-Okay in my book. Is Jesus more of an Imperial Stout or Double I.P.A. kind of guy?
 Cheese, charcuterie, Rick's Picks Pickles and fresh bread and maybe some hard-boiled eggs are basically all you can get to eat at Spuyten Duyvil. 
This was a reservation for a group of people. They had a quick beer flight of 3 different beers, bread, cheese and cured meats. 

After we got our fill at Spuyten Duyvil, we hopped across  to a little dive bar known as The Commodore. It was time to change things up and order some cocktails. I'm easy. I spied a bottle of Don Julio Anejo. The other picture is a Rum Punch. It was delicious.

After the cocktail craving was satisfied, we trekked a few blocks to Marlow & Sons. We took our seats at the end of the bar. 
The girls had some oysters while I just sipped on  my Berkshire Bourbon. It was the first time I had Berkshire. It was soft and mellow. I thought it was a touch on the fruity side, as in red cherries kind of fruity.
 After enjoying my Bourbon, I decided to take a side step and try the Spicy Margarita that was on their cocktail list, La Secuela. It was described as having Tequila, Mezcal, honey syrup, lime and Chile de Arbol. I couldn't resist.
At first it was sweet and tangy. Then, the heat from the chile really kicked in. I was surprised by how spicy this drink really was. I liked it.
 Finally, it was time to head back down the street to Fette Sau. Fette Sau was the sole reason why we made the journey to Brooklyn. 

 We walked down the alley to wait in what seemed to be a short line. There were only about 25 people in front of us. I was so hungry for BBQ that it seemed like there were 125 people in front of us. We did have ample time to gaze at the chalkboard menus hanging on the walls.  

Once we decided that we were pretty much going to have one of everything on the menu, I headed over to the bar for refreshments. Are you surprised? My choice of beverage? Makers Mark 46. Shocked, right?

They started placing our order on the tray and my mouth started to water. We had ribs, brisket, pulled pork, sirloin tips, some sort of sesame cole slaw, burnt ends baked beans and some potato rolls.  
 As if the pictures weren't enough evidence that we had been there, we got some t-shirts, too. I know. "Cheese-ball" comes to mind, right?
When we were good and fat, we decided to stumble around and maybe find another spot to have yet another cocktail. 
 That's when we found The Brooklyn Star. I was so stuffed from Fette Sau that I couldn't even bare to look at the menu. I just wanted a margarita. It was just "okay". Liz had some sort of frothy egg yolk floater cocktail. 
Then.....the fried pigs tails and hush puppies arrive. I did not partake. My food coma was hitting me hard. 

It was a good day. The weather was beautiful and the drinks were tasty. The company was fun and the conversation was intriguing. We had a blast and we have already made tentative plans to go back soon.